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May Update

Its been a little while since my last update. In this case no news is good news. Ive been keeping myself busy between rounds and enjoying feeling somewhat myself again. Im a list person so I have finally been tackling the giant to do list thats been building up for over a year. Ive also been ticking off a few places I’ve always wanted to visit. The most recent being Rome! A great place but definitely not a relaxing weekend away with all the crowds, plus there is so much to see! Now, I’m not a religious person but I think we were the only people to ever walk through the Sistine Chapel and not realise that was it until we were at the exit and looked at the secret photos I took, due to the strict security. I don’t think I can get into trouble for admitting that here… After countless rooms with the most amazingly painted ceilings it was just another room with a painted ceiling and shoulder to shoulder crowds. St Peters and the Coliseum were definitely my favourite spots. It was a mission trying to keep to my diet as it seems all Italians somehow survive on a diet of pizza, pasta and gelato! But we found a quality little place called Ginger. Check them out if you’re ever there. They do fresh food to please everyone, plus loads of organic stuff. My mum is a Saint for putting up with me whilst I was hungry and walking miles through the hot and busy streets, following google maps on my phone looking for heathy restaurants. One of my flaws is I get seriously hangry. The Italian border control was very ‘relaxed’ and it was the first place that took my word for it that it was my shoulder setting off the alarms and not a bomb, and then just gave me the nod through the gate.

My shoulder rehab took a back seat earlier in the year when I got told the tumors were back and a good ball kicking from other bad news took all the wind out my sails. The shoulder which was operated on got very weak, thin, stiff and painful but I am back on it now with a new focus and getting stronger everyday. The chemo I was on last year was so toxic that I think my body is still recovering from it and getting stronger after the hammering it took, even though I am still having some chemo that is.


If you’re a mate of mine on The Facebook then you have probably seen the video I recently shared to do with exercise and cancer, that an exercise physiologist friend put me onto. If not, you can view it here. Its all about how exercise can reduce some side effects, assist the chemo getting into the tumour and even increase T cell numbers, which fight cancer. So, my last round I started running a few miles immediately before and after chemo. This isn’t easy and I’m not breaking any records yet but it feels f**king amazing to stretch my legs out again and get blowing. As well as shoulder rehab I am also starting to introduce some conditioning, because I am starting to feel well enough to. This makes me extremely happy! And I might start to put some of the 20kgs I’ve lost back on hopefully. Its not only possibly fighting the cancer but its doing amazing things for my wellbeing. My soul is always most at ease and happiest when I’m exhausted from exercise. The only very small down side is because of the sweat, I am having to change my line dressing daily, which is suppose to last 7 days. However I’m sure this is an insignificant amount compared to the thousands my treatment costs and some other areas of ‘poor health’ that suck the NHS dry.


Im currently having my last planned round of chemo this week. I have another scan in 3 weeks and a decision on what to do will be made after those results. As you may already know from a previous posts, my last scan was positive, showing that the suspected tumours in my liver and pancreas had shrunk and the spots on my lungs had remained stable. I feel better now than I have during this whole journey, so fingers and toes crossed my next scan will continue in the same direction, with more positive news. I will be having the scan on the 16th June, which is the day before my birthday, so some more good news will set that weekend up nicely!

I hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend. I was in London last Friday for my brothers bands gig (plug: The Leggomen), and catching up with some great mates. One thing Ive noticed over time is when people from London meet other people from London they always spend an excessive amount of time talking about where in London they are from, which usually included a good knowledge of the Tube system, which I haven’t got! I also got to Bournemouth 7s on Saturday to support the 7s team I usually play with, The Bournemouth Bees. Its so hard watching rugby and standing on the side line at a 7s comp without my boots on. I miss everything about it, but it felt great to be around the rugby lads again. Even if I can’t partake in the usual shenanigans. But its definitely reasserted in my head that I need to be involved with the sport again when I am fully better, even though I cant play anymore. I just need to find some wit, a personality and an interesting accent and I could be the next Nigel Owens.


Got mum on a Segway around the Borghese Gardens! #Britsabroad

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  • Mary scholz

    Well that was a good write up ,you covered. lots .must have been good for your mum to have Quality time with you ,
    I went around Rome on a bicycle,we had a guide to take us ,& covered all the sites , ate Pizza & drank wine ,which you can do cycling but not driving .
    It’s got to be the way you’re looking after yourself with your diet commitment to fitness that is keeping strength up ,I also get accused of being HANGRY when I’m hungry .
    On to another Blog …stay good Mary
    Ps I hope you’re not laughing @ my appalling Punctuation .

    October 7, 2016 at 9:04 pm Reply
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