September Update

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September Update

There isn’t much to update you on but its been exactly a year since I had my shoulder replaced to remove the primary tumour and its also cancer awareness month so I thought it would be a poignant time to write something. I was suppose to have another 5 day course of chemo this week but my blood cell counts have not recovered enough from the last round, so its been delayed a week. Two steps forwards and one step back…Not the end of the world but I cant help be a little annoyed with this because I want to crack on and keep hammering the cancer, however on the plus side I’ve felt good for another week. 

This new regime of chemo is a little tougher than the last round. I’m more fatigued and a bit more ill compared to how the last drugs made me feel, and the blood coming out me again is a give away. As I mentioned above my blood counts are still down, which doesn’t help the bleeding and results in random bruises popping up. In an older post I explained how the chemo works and attacks fast growing cells. This includes cancer but also healthy cells, like hair and the mucous membrane that lines our mouths all the way to our back end, hence the bleeding. I check to see if my hair is still holding every morning at the moment. With the new regime it could fall out again. Its been so nice having it back this year, so fingers crossed it sticks around while I’m on these latest drugs. Movember is only a month away so I need to start growing my tash now, it grows so slow these days!

I really enjoyed our 5 minutes of summer but now the evenings are drawing in and the temperature is decreasing, my garden gym is getting less and less attractive. So I’m back in a proper gym when I feel well enough. I need to thank New Body Gym for being so kind and helping me get back into training. Training is tame at the moment but I’m extremely happy to be back in a gym environment and doing what I love. Im only doing lower body stuff and general fitness because I cant do anything on my right arm at the moment. However, its just great to be able to blow off some steam finally. Unfortunately my arm is continuing to get worse and now I struggle to do daily tasks so it really needs to be operated on asap. As I mentioned in my last post, operations are too risky while on chemo, so it will have to wait. Hopefully not too much longer!

I was planning on doing some challenges while I am off work and feeling a bit better. It would give me something to focus on and help out a charity in the process. I was looking at a ride or a run but apparently cardio temporarily decreases your immune system. Im doing everything I can to strengthen mine so I don’t need to be told cardio is bad twice! 😉 It can wait till I’m better. Apart from the obvious, life has been good recently, because I’ve been able to do a lot more. Im still loving life post Hickman Line, its given me so much more freedom!

A friend of mine has unfortunately been diagnosed recently. However he is a super positive guy and going into his first chemo session with a great attitude. The silver lining to this is that its great to have a friend to talk to that understands and is a similar age. Its been an extremely long journey for me, so its been great to help someone out with what I have learnt along the way. We have spoken about starting a vlog or a podcast. He is a stand up comedian, so he will be supplying the laughs, and i’ll bring the snacks. It will be great to look at a shitty topic in an insightful/humorous way, from the perspective of two 28/29 year old lads. Its early days yet but watch this space! We’ll be like the Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant of the cancer community. Make lemonade and all that.

As I’ve already said its been exactly a year since my shoulder was replaced. Last year I was having serious acceptance issues and angry at life, but who can blame me. It took me 9 months to mention anything to anyone outside my close circle of friends and family. I dodged any cameras like the plague because I didn’t like how ill and weak I had become, compared to my usual self. The picture below was taken exactly a year ago, just as I woke up after surgery, hence the state of me! It was shortly after my hair started to come back as well. And the picture next to it was taken last week on a little day trip with my sister while she was visiting. (Absolutely nothing to do with this post but I needed a recent pic!) I’ve gone through a lot in a year, although laying in that hospital bed feels like yesterday. Despite the fact I need another operation and I’ve still got a way to go, I’m so much stronger than I was a year ago and very much looking forward to a positive future. 🙂


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  • Peter Brown

    Great to see you around the other day. Keep up the fight and projecting positive energy vibes to all that support and know you. See you again soon.

    September 30, 2016 at 6:31 pm Reply
  • Mary scholz

    I hope you hair is ” Sticking around ‘ as call it .
    Mary .

    October 8, 2016 at 3:04 pm Reply
  • Lauren

    Oh Julian I love reading your posts ! They make me feel better about such a sensitive topic! My mum and my mum in law were diagnosed in the same year it’s been a difficult jorney but I love your positive vibes and way of writing !!! Much love xxx

    November 7, 2016 at 10:52 am Reply
    • Julian

      Lauren thank you very much for your message and I’m sorry to hear about your mum and mum in law. Big love and sending positive vibes x

      November 7, 2016 at 10:06 pm Reply

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