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Bone Broth

In the process of cleaning my diet up even more this past year I have come across how unhealthy some common everyday products are. So many unassuming foods contain unnecessary, toxic ingredients. My target today is your regular stock cubes/pots. Homemade stock contains a plethora of beneficial properties, whereas stock cubes and pots don’t contain anything beneficial. The only benefit they have is convenience, but its so easy to make your own stock once you know how, and its much more rewarding! Whether its chicken, pork, beef, fish or vegetable, broth is one of the most nutrient dense ingredients and it can be used as the foundation for stews, soups and even used to boil your rice and other grains. Im an advocate of reducing waste wherever possible, especially if something has been killed to be eaten, and the bones are packed full of goodness that usually goes to waste. Chances are if your reading this then your probably interested in healthy eating. If thats the case then tune in to Channel 4 tonight at 2000hrs (Monday 9th May). Its a program called Eating Well With Hemsley + Hemsley, and its where I get a lot of my foodspiration!Continue Reading


When I started this I said it would hopefully develop into a blog about fitness and healthy living….some of you may yawn and move on at this point. So at the risk of being moderately interesting and breaking up the depressing posts about cancer, here is something a bit different. One of the many things I’ve added a lot more of to my diet this past year is turmeric. I have seen an increasing amount of articles on it recently, and it is a hot topic for good reasons. It has a huge amount of health benefits because it is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory, that has been used in medicine around the world for a very long time. Inflammation is the culprit for so many health conditions and illnesses. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory effects would benefit everybody, whether you’re an athlete, just want to stay healthy or someone actively fighting a disease. The powder is most commonly used but the root can be bought fresh, just like ginger, and it tastes so much better. Just be warned, the fresh stuff stains your finger tips orange if you cut it up. It can even be bought in capsule form for convenience. But like everything, nothing beats the fresh stuff. Here are some of the benefits, that haven’t been copy and pasted……….Continue Reading

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