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Thank you all so much for reading this blog. And also the kind comments and messages I have received. I never imagined it would get such a good response and it’s been very humbling. I’m still waiting for that call from ‘Loose Women.’ I don’t want this blog to be gloomy so before I talk about more cancer related things I thought I would do a very short post about someone that has become a huge part of my life this year. His name is Archie, and he is a French Bull Dog. I’m now one of those really annoying ‘dog people’ that always post pictures of their dog, but that’s better than what I’m having for dinner! I’ve always wanted a dog but I have always been too busy, until now! Since I’m unable to train at the moment, which drives myself and everyone else around me up the wall, going for daily walks with him is the closest I get to any form of exercise. He is the perfect companion, never minds taking the blame for someone else’s fart, super chilled and puts a smile on everyone’s face. So here is to my new best mate and furry fart machine, Archie! Continue Reading

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